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Power in Unity

Directed by James Q. Chan

CAAMunity Screenings / USA / 2017 / 32 mins / Cantonese, English with English subtitles

Power in Unity

San Francisco Public Library
May 23, 2018 6:30 pm Not Available


Age is just a number for Chinese seniors who claim a new lease on life by standing up for their housing rights. With the ongoing threat of San Francisco’s increasing urban development, and notorious use of the Ellis Act for eviction, high costs have left many low-income residents with nowhere to live. After decades of calling San Francisco home, Chinese immigrants organized by the Community Tenants Association are fighting against displacement and for social justice. Follow several of these residents and community activists as they recount their struggle for secure housing and demonstrate the power in unity.

Director James Q. Chan, is a CAAMfest alumnus whose latest documentary, FOREVER, CHINATOWN, premiered at CAAMFest in 2016 and has garnered numerous accolades. Like his previous work, POWER IN UNITY highlights the historical significance of Chinatown and the role it plays in San Francisco today. This film was produced in partnership with the Community Tenants Association, the Chinatown Community Development Center, and the San Francisco Public Library.

— Jason Nou

Co-Presented by : API CouncilManilatown Heritage


Producer: James Q. Chan
Editor: James Q. Chan
Cinematographer: James Q. Chan
Cast: Gordon Chin, Norman Fong, Qing Zhi Deng, Gum Gee Lam Lee

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Dates & Times

Power in Unity

San Francisco Public Library
May 23, 2018 6:30 pm Not Available