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85 mins


AMC Kabuki 8
May 11, 2018 5:10 pm Not Available


If life truly is a highway, then get ready for a momentary detour. From family tragedy to isolation in a foreign land, IN TRANSITION explores how life’s hurdles are no match for the human spirit and that a green light could be just around the corner.

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In This Program

  1. Floating Light

    Natalie Murao / Shorts / Canada / 2017 / 12 mins
    Two young sisters return early from summer camp and are immediately dropped in the middle of their grandfather’s funeral. Shaken up by the passing of a close family member, the girls must navigate the grief of loss, the acceptance of death, and the wonder of the beyond.

  2. Miss World

    Georgia Fu / Shorts / Taiwan / 2017 / Short / 19 mins
    Jane is a pill-popping party girl navigating the waters between her own adulthood and her traditional upbringing. When she comes home to see her father one last time before his prison sentence, her bad decisions begin to catch up with her, forcing her to reexamine who she has become.

  3. Monday

    Dinh Thai / Shorts / USA / 2017 / Short / 18 mins
    He’s everyone’s one stop shop for anything stolen or illicit, but his reasons for hustling are not as cut and dry as they seem. In this diverse world he lives in, he must maneuver between disparate cliques facing racism and constant danger just to make a living. And it’s only Monday. 

  4. Othello-San

    Theodore A. Adams III / Shorts / USA / 2018 / Short / 20 mins
    Jason moves to Japan to attend the most prestigious acting school in the country; however, his grandiose dreams are quickly tempered with harsh reality. With no knowledge of Japanese culture or what it means to be an actor in Japan, Jason’s instructor swiftly knocks him back to Earth.

  5. The Pilgrimage

    Kevin Wong / Shorts / USA / 2017 / Narrative Fiction, Short / 16 mins
    A father going through a midlife crisis and a son too uptight to go with the flow. THE PILGRIMAGE depicts a flipped father-son relationship, where the son attempts to guide his erratic father in his quest for self.

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AMC Kabuki 8
May 11, 2018 5:10 pm Not Available