Directed by Evan Jackson Leong

Cast: Celia Au, Devon Diep, Jade Wu, Perry Yung, Shuya Chang, Sung Kang

CAAMFest is thrilled to showcase SNAKEHEAD as our Centerpiece Presentation. After the stunning success of Evan Jackson Leong’s documentary LINSANITY, it was unclear what his next project would be. Enter Sister Tse and his bold visionary film, SNAKEHEAD. In this historical piece, we are transported to New York’s Chinatown where Sister Tse (Shuya Chang) arrives by a snakehead, a human smuggler. There she fights to stay alive and in time she goes from survive to thrive. Her morals are pushed to the limit and it’s up to her where her story goes.

CAAMFest 2021 Spotlight Honoree, Evan Jackson Leong proves himself again as a wildly talented filmmaker who knows how to bring a story to life. His direction is incredible and the all star cast deserves awards for their stellar performances. A special mention to Jade Wu (Dai Ma) for a break-out performance. Join us for this special screening including a Q&A with the cast and crew.


About the Filmmaker: Evan Jackson Leong (or Evan Leong) is a director and documentary filmmaker. Leong is most known for his documentary Linsanity about Jeremy Lin, which made its world premiere at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival.  He also directed the documentary 1040: Christianity in the New Asia (2010), and the documentary short BLT Genesis (2002), which tracks the behind-the-scenes making of and trajectory of Justin Lin‘s film, Better Luck Tomorrow.  He just completed production on his first narrative feature, SNAKEHEAD.

Co-Presenters: Chinatown Community Development CenterCameron HouseRichmond Area Multi-Services, Inc.

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Growing up in San Francisco, Filmmaker Evan Jackson Leong quickly learned the meaning of community and the importance of storytelling.

Dates & Times
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May 22, 2021
7:00 pm

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