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Centerpiece: Girls will be Girls

Directed by Shuchi Talati

Set in the 90s, our journey finds Mira, a 16 year old leader (first female to become one, in fact) at her strict private school atop the rough-hewn mountainscape of the Himalayas. Opening with the school pledge, “It will be my constant endeavor to abide by the rules of my school.” Mira says these lines while staring straight into the eyes of her crush, which our uninvited imaginations conclude they will also constantly endeavor abiding by their wild teenage desires. These teen years are a lawless landscape and Mira is navigating being a model student with an appropriate skirt length and a natural pull towards her budding sensuality. Not to mention, here comes her mother trying that young, cool mom thing that makes us all feel weird in a great way. Through the gauntlet of expected pubescent obstacles, one can’t help but cheer her on through the tickling discomforts of coming of age.


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Dates & Times


SFMOMA Phyllis Wattis Theater

Sat, May 18
2:35 pm