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The Lyricist Wannabe

Directed by Norris Wong

Set in Hong Kong and Taiwan following the bittersweet journey of aspiring lyricist, Sze, this cinematic mix of light comedy and sobering cynicism reveals the emotional toll of dreaming big in the inhospitable Cantopop scene. As Sze’s determination clashes with the industry’s indifference, she grapples with the fear of failure and the elusive nature of success. With the delightful flourishes of a young girl’s diary, the film captures Sze’s inner world, where every lyric carries the weight of her aspirations.

Guests in Attendance: Director Norris Wong and Producer Wong Hoi


Open Captions: There are open English subtitles.
Closed Captions: There are no closed captions.
Audio Descriptions: There are no audio descriptions.
ASL Interpreters: There is no ASL interpretation.

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Hong Kong Cinema Showcase

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SFMOMA Phyllis Wattis Theater

Sat, May 18
11:30 am