COVID-19 has changed the world as we know it on many different levels, some yet unknown. We see the devastating impact it is having on the livelihoods of our filmmakers, our film institutions, and the wider media landscape. But through these challenges, what opportunities and changes could arise for filmmakers, especially those that have been historically underserved? How is this time of upheaval activating filmmakers to call for necessary changes to an unfair system? How has this time galvanized filmmakers and how they view themselves? How has this period of distancing and social unrest impacted the filmmaking form and in what ways? These are a few topics that we will explore with an all-star panel of media makers and industry professionals.

Moderator: Sapana Sakya

Panelists: Lan Nguyen, Chi-hui Yang, Nausheen Dadabhoy

Co-presented by: Asian American Documentary Network


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Dates & Times

Thu, Oct 15
3:00 pm

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