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Good Luck Soup

Directed by Matthew Hashiguchi

Special Presentations / USA / 2016 / Documentary, Feature, Multimedia, New Media / Web / 56 mins / English / Color / DVD / San Francisco Premiere

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Good Luck Soup

New People Cinema
March 18, 2017 9:20 pm At Rush


When we think of Asian America, Cleveland is not the first place that comes to mind. In GOOD LUCK SOUP, filmmaker Matthew Hashiguchi shows us why this often overlooked part of the country is as important as others in understanding the Asian American story. Through interviews, personal home movies and thoughtful narration by the filmmaker, Hashiguchi shows us what it was like to grow up mixed race in a predominantly white Midwestern neighborhood, where it wasn’t always welcoming or accepting. The journey for the Hashiguchi family begins with Matthew’s grandmother, Eva, who moved to the area following her family’s internment during World War II. Three generations of the Hashiguchi family share their thoughts and experiences in this touching and fun documentary.

GOOD LUCK SOUP is not only a documentary but also a multimedia project by Matthew Hashiguchi. The other component, Good Luck Soup Interactive, is an impressive website that tells the history of Japanese internment through crowd-sourced stories from the people that lived through it.

— Davin Agatep

Expected Guest in Attendance: Matthew Hashiguchi (Director/Producer)


Co-presented by: Fred T. Korematsu Institute, Human Rights Campaign, Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Northern California, Nichi Bei Foundation


Producer/Editor: Matthew Hashiguchi
Consulting Editor: Nathaniel Dorsky
Music: Scott Jung Chops
Additional Music: Rob Buscher
Sound Mixing and Editing: Billy Wirasnik
Cast: Matthew Hashiguchi, Eva Hashiguchi

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Dates & Times

Good Luck Soup

New People Cinema
March 18, 2017 9:20 pm At Rush