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Directed by Lenora Lee & Tatsu Aoki

Narrative / USA / 2017 / Experimental, Narrative / 57 mins / English


Gray Area
March 11, 2017 7:00 pm Buy Tickets Buy Tickets


Lenora Lee Dance has entranced audiences, transcending Asian American history into experimental and narrative movements. Lee continues this with LIGHT, a collaboration with director and editor Tatsu Aoki. LIGHT is brimmed with expressive gestures forming an enrapturing language into the untold stories of migration, servitude, faith, and home. Following the journey of Bessie M. Lee (Marina Fukushima), the film captures her life as a migrant who spent two years in indentured servitude. At the forefront of grounding the New York Chinatown community, however, the early 20th century figure is memorialized as a resilient and courageous spirit. Through modern performance and outstanding cinematography, the dancers and filmmakers bend time and shed light on the intersectional experience of womanhood and Chinese American struggles.

With roots in the Bay Area and New York, Lenora Lee Dance is dedicated to the artistic voice and experience of Asian American communities. LIGHT strikes us with a liberating story about what it is to lead, learn, and move about a life so seemingly removed from our present.

— Diana Li

Expected Guests in Attendance: Lenora Lee (Co-Director), Tatsu Aoki (Co-Director), Larry Lee (Special Guest)


Co-presented by: Chinese Historical Society of America, AXIS Dance Company 


Choreographer: Lenora Lee
Producer: Lenora Lee
Cinematographer: Tatsu Aoki, Zhuoyun Chen, Joshua Chuck , Ben Estabrook, Eric Koziol, Heath Orchard, Joel Wanek
Editor: Tatsu Aoki
Sound: Joel Wanek
Cast: Kara Davis, Sebastian Grubb, Juliet Ante, Yi-Ting Hsu, Chin-Chin Hsu, Olivia Ting, Marina Fukushima, Yukihiko Noda, Lynn Huang, Wei-Shan Lai
Music: Francis Wong, Tatsu Aoki, Min Xiao Fen, Jonathan Chen

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Gray Area
March 11, 2017 7:00 pm Buy Tickets Buy Tickets