These two films showcase inspirational people who are fighting the good fight.

Program includes exclusive Q&A with selected filmmakers.

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Directed by Lan Nguyen

Almost two decades ago, Chuh and Rex, refugees from the indigenous tribes of Vietnam, fell in love and started a family in North Carolina. In 2017, the unthinkable happened. Chuh was deported to Vietnam, leaving Rex and their four daughters behind in the U.S. Chuh works on adjusting to life in Vietnam, while Rex resiliently balances working, raising her children, and maintaining her long-distance relationship.


Directed by Set Hernandez Rongkilyo

While universal healthcare is slowly being embraced in the United States, proposals leaving out elderly undocumented immigrants impact many; such as Emma, who struggles after unjust limitations deny her the care she needs. The film also follows Hector, an activist who is organizing people who’ve been impacted to change the system.