CAAM’s newest section is called FIRST LOOK. It’s your opportunity to learn about an upcoming film or project that will be released in 2021.

In this program, we will talk with Tanuj Chopra (writer, director, cinematographer, producer), Megha Kadakia (producer), and Sheetal Sheth, (lead actor, producer), the creative team behind sci-fi feature, HUMMINGBIRD. When beloved telepathic superhero Hummingbird (also known as Lola Laxman) is left for dead after a major battle, she makes a deal with the Devil to save her life. He guides her to a secluded house where Lola begins to transform, gain new powers, and have nightmarish dreams that leave her questioning her ideas of good and evil. Things spiral further when her superhero ex-partner Kingman and her newest lover Krulle both track her down and collide inside the house. Lola falls into a battle for her soul. Will she succumb to the Devil’s plan or will Hummingbird become what she was meant to be? The powerhouse cast for HUMMINGBIRD include Sheetal Sheth, Hal Ozsan, Leonardo Nam, and Anil Kumar.

Dates & Times
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Fri, Oct 16
5:00 pm