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CAAMFest in Japantown

March 18, 2017

Ever the Land

Set in the lush forests of New Zealand, the indigenous Maori tribe, Ngāi Tūhoe, embarks on a landmark construction project of a sustainable living building. Visually stunning and full of spirit, this documentary captures the development of the building, its vital ties to the tribe’s culture and the reclamation of their land and community.

Memories To Light: Asian American Home Movies from the Central Valley

For the fifth CAAMFest iteration of our innovative home movie initiative, we are thrilled to present a compilation of Asian American home movies from California’s Central Valley, with live musical accompaniment by acclaimed jazz musicians Mark Izu, Brenda Wong Aoki, Masaru Koga, George Yamasaki and Moy Eng.

The Tenor

“Sing with sincerity and heart” is the motto Bae Jae-chul follows in this biopic that chronicles his challenging life in the opera. THE TENOR depicts the world-famous South Korean singer’s inspirational path back to the stage after losing his voice to thyroid cancer.

Relocation, Arkansas -- Aftermath of Incarceration

A touching testament to the strength of those who overcame injustice and reconciled their identity in a complicated America, RELOCATION, ARKANSAS follows Japanese Americans as they travel to southern Arkansas, revisiting former Japanese internment camps in order to move forward from a painful past.
7:00 pm
At Rush

Good Luck Soup

Through home video footage and interviews with family members, filmmaker Matthew Hashiguchi explores his identity and tells the story of what it means to grow up mixed race in America’s heartland, Cleveland, Ohio.
9:20 pm
At Rush

March 19, 2017

Random Acts of Legacy

Culled from an artist’s collection of 16mm home movies, RANDOM ACTS OF LEGACY is a touching documentary that reveals an unfiltered perspective of the first-generation Chinese American experience. Set against the backdrop of race and class in Chicago from the 1930s to 1950s, Ali Kazimi offers a little-seen glimpse into how immigrants embrace American customs.

95 And 6 To Go

95 AND 6 TO GO is filmmaker Kimi Takesue’s moving tribute to her grandfather, Tom, a recently widowed 90-something living in Hawaii. Takesue captures the intimate and mundane moments of Tom’s life, who reciprocates with advice and bits of wisdom that unravel his own story of love and loss.

Visions in the Dark: The Life of Pinky Thompson

Visionary figure Pinky Thompson led the fight for education and healthcare reform for Native Hawaiians. Guiding his people through the dark waters of racism, poverty and institutional neglect, Thompson’s life story reveals a much broader portrait of the rediscovery of Native Hawaiian culture and heritage.


A seemingly ordinary family’s life takes a drastic turn when an old acquaintance reenters their world, unpacking deception and secrets from the past that reveal cracks and hidden strains.