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CAAMFest in Oakland

March 17, 2017

Blasian Narratives

Jivan Atman’s BLASIAN NARRATIVES lifts performance as testimony, unraveling the complexity of Black and Asian relations — in tension and solidarity — through monologue and conversation. The multimedia presentation emerges from a collaboration between Stanford University, Morehouse and Spelman College Blasian students. Witness the premiere screening and live performance at OMCA — outloud, intimate, writ large.
7:00 pm
At Rush

March 18, 2017

Inside The Mind Of A Creator: Sharing History And Culture Through Children's Books

Join us for a family friendly afternoon in Oakland with the top creators of new children’s books and graphic novels. Innosanto Nagara, Stan Yogi, Laura Atkins, Thi Bui and Nidhi Chanani will share their inspirations, artistic process and how their personal experiences inform storytelling. Children and youth under 18 are free.

Guangzhou Dream Factory

The prospect of striking it rich in China has captured the imagination of people from Dakar to Nairobi, but how much of this “Chinese dream” is accessible to people from African countries? From the “suit king” of Cameroon to a victim of visa fraud, GUANGZHOU DREAM FACTORY reveals their stories.


The stage takes on many forms in this shorts program, including stretched canvas, music halls and even the world of sports. At the center of each stage is a captivating performer, whose craft conveys an emotional journey, discipline and success.
3:10 pm
At Rush

Finding Kukan

Robin Lung takes us on a winding journey to rediscover the long-lost Academy Award-winning documentary KUKAN, which afforded America a rare glimpse of China before and during the life-altering events of World War II. FINDING KUKAN explores questions of racial and gender prejudice, leaving us with much food for thought.

Bachelor Girls

Single, independent women in the cosmopolitan city of Mumbai are met with the cold shoulder when they try to find decent housing. Because of their “unmarried” status, these bachelor girls are portrayed as spinster women who are a nuisance to their building and neighbors. This insightful documentary explores the values of Indian society and how they affect women in the modern age.

Bitcoin Heist

Set in today’s world of digital devices and complex connectivity, BITCOIN HEIST sends the viewer on an action-adventure ride with a cop in pursuit of a “ghost” hacker who stole billions of dollars in bitcoins. The officer teams up with other criminals to help her plan the ultimate heist.

Cardinal X

In 1984, Angie Wang is both a co-ed and the biggest supplier of Ecstasy on the West Coast. After losing her scholarship to a prestigious college in San Francisco, she starts manufacturing the drug to make ends meet. All the while, she straddles the increasingly fractured line of her double life.

AKA Seoul

Five Korean adoptees, raised all around the world, arrive in Seoul, where their complex identities— professional, sexual, cultural — emerge out of their experiences in the city. AKA SEOUL rewrites the adoption narrative beyond tearful reunions and toward bold new stories of self-determination and self-expression.